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True Etymology & Meaning Of "David"

True Etymology & Meaning Of "David"
By Christopher Lord  6-14-13

King David דוד - A Story Of Division - King Divide!
An insight to the very essence and etymological meaning of the Hebrew name of "David."

The name David is derived from the Hebrew language and is spelled דוד (dwd) "Dawid" in Hebrew, which would be "DVD" in English.  The common translation of the etymology of the name, or the so called meaning of the name is "beloved."  For many years now I have been teaching that the Hebrew word David (דוד) actually means "divide."  I will now explain my thesis or dissertation and prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that my definition and etymology is actually the true correct meaning of the Hebrew word David (דוד).

For those that have watched my videos over the years, you will already know that I have explained in detail with visuals to fully explain my explanation of the word, but for those who have not seen or are unable to view my videos, I will try to paint a vivid picture explaining exactly why the name David (דוד) actually means "divide" (dvd).

The dictionary definition and etymology of the word David is "beloved," and this very word itself actually fully supports my thesis and theology of my deeper more clear definition and meaning which truly means "divide."  The root word of "beloved" is "love."  Beloved has a prefix, or an affix which is fixed and placed before the stem of the root word, which in this case is "love."  Beloved is a combination of two words, the suffix "be" and the root "love."  The suffix "be" is a variant of the suffix "bi," and both have the same etymological meaning, which actually means "two." This is why words with bi or be have a meaning of separation or duality.  Examples words are between, bicycle, bipolar, bisexual etc., and all these words have a meaning of "two."  In fact, the very English letter "B(b)" is derived from the Hebrew letter Beit (B), which is of course the second letter of both English, Greek, Roman and yes, Hebrew.  Here is an exact quote from the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language;  "[Middle English biloved, past participle of beloven, to love : bi-, be- + loven." As you clearly see, the word beloved has the prefix of "bi" (be) meaning "two."  Love is singular, person "A" (1), while the word beloved means that another person is doing the loving, person "B" or person "two."  Now that you understand that the very word "beloved" means two, you will now be able to grasp the deeper understanding of why the word David means "divide."

Now before I continue, I must first explain why the prefix of "bi" and "di" both have similar etymological meanings, which are rooted and have a foundational meaning of "two."  I already gave examples of "bi" words that mean two, but here are some "di" words that mean two also; divide, diagonal, dialect, divorce, Diana, etc..  The same meaning also applies to words that begin with "de," like describe, defend, devil, demote, decline, etc.  Now, notice that two (2) or the letter B (b) is a double of one (1), it's the second letter, and take notice that the very letter "D" is the fourth letter, the Hebrew dalet (D), which is actually a doubled letter of B(2), thus D (4) is doubled (two fold).   The Hebrew D or dalet, has an esoteric meaning of decline or decent, a lower state, and in fact the Palo-Hebrew pictograph is that of a doorway, perhaps to the underworld.  There are 4 seasons in a year, one complete cycle, of the bi-seasons of winter and summer, the blue and the red.  I will explain this further later on and it will become very clear.  Anyway, you'll notice that the name David in Hebrew is דוד, the DVD (dvd), again, the two D's or dalet's that are separated or divided by the vav (V, W), thus two D's are two doorways that are divided by the vav דוד (DVD).  This is the two pillars and the doorway, the common symbolism you'll find all throughout the word in Religion, secret societies and of course Israel.  I will go into this a little later.

First of all, if you already know the story of the Hebrew King David,  what I am about to explain will make perfect sense to you, if you are not familiar with the story of King David, I suggest you first read the story to fully grasp the wisdom I am about to share.  Kind David was the second and greatest of the Kings of Israel, ruling in the 10th century BC.  Did you catch what I just said?  Did you once again catch the clue of the very meaning of his name?  King David was the 'second' (2nd) King, once again telling the story of "two," just like the letter B(bi), the second letter of the alphabet (Alef Beit).  In fact, the very essence of all of the stories of King David, are rooted in division of two.  This is why his people are a people who are divided!  The story of David and Goliath, once again tells the same story of dualistic polarities or division.  David was small, a microcosm, and Goliath was HUGE, the macrocosm.  Just as our alphabet is made of both small & HUGE letters, known as lowercase & uppercase (CAPITAL) letters.  In fact our alphabet is comprised of TWO sets of 11, or the EL-even making up the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. I will be getting back to this later.  so, the story of division continues when David cuts off and decapitates (de) the head off of Goliath.  This is actually symbolism of the two figures of nature, winter & summer, the sower and the reaper, the first and the last cycles of the season of one year.  This decapitation is symbolic of cutting the head off of the OLD year, to begin (be) a new year in the springtime Equinox of the Passover (Nisan Aviv) when the world is reborn and rebirthed.  Did you notice the word "begin", begins with the B (be),  the B is TWO or a new cycle.  The story of cutting off the head dates back to ancient stories, like that of Tiamat, who is split in two, which is why we have so many stories and movies of decapitating the head off the Dragon or the Serpent in films like Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter and Dragon Slayer films etc..

Let us now take a look at the very symbol that represents King David and Israel itself, the Star of David.  This is actually the Star of Divide, made of two polar opposite triangles, one pointed north, and the other pointed south.  these triangles represent the fire and ice, the winter and summer, day and night, and of course the male and female, the positive and negative energies.  The RED triangle and the BLUE triangle.  The six pointed star is also known as a hexagram or a sexagram, since SEX in Latin is SIX.  The Star of David is a 6 pointed star, but this is only the one dimension we see, the positive aspect, there are actually 6 more negative points as well, thus making up 12 points altogether.  This is of course the 12 months in a year, the symbol of the zodiac, the 12 houses.  Like a pie that is divided into tri-ang-EL's.

Notice that Israel was divided into the Southern Kingdom and Northern Kingdom, thus King David's people were divided!  Even today, we have the people who are divided and fight and struggle to see who will rule and own the sacred land!  I explain this common theology of the two seasons that fight one another to see who will rule the land or season, the evil BLUE cold winter or the good RED hot summer, just like day or night struggle with each other.  This polarity of duality is a battle, and this theology is found in everything we know of.  This is why all games we play are about the RED vs the BLUE!  From playing cards (bicycle) with a 52 card deck representing the 52 weeks a year, and thus the 4 suits which are the 4 seasons.  Take notice of fighting games like Boxing or the UFC, it's the RED corner vs the BLUE corner.  Same story with Chess, checkers, football, basketball etc., all fighting to see who is better.  It's all based upon nature.  We grow up watching Christmas specials like The Year Without a Santa Claus, which has the Miser Brothers, one RED and the other BLUE.  They represent Red Hot Summer, and the the Blue Cold Winter.  They are brothers who hate each other and struggle and fight one another.  You'll see the same story in Alice & Wonderland, where we have the two sisters, one Red, the there Blue (white winer), who hate each other and struggle fight to see who will wear the crown.  Perhaps now you'll understand why we have Pepsi vs Coke, or REpublicans vs DEmocrats (RED vs BLUE).  Re is the SUN God, the RED SUN, and DE represents the BLUE MOON of night darkness, thus the DEcline and DEcent of DEcember, thus DEmons and DEvils!  This RED vs BLUE (Summer vs Winter), is the very meaning behind stories of the Bible.  In fact, once again the word Bible, is prefixed with "bi" meaning "two."  I don't have time now to explain further, but I am 100% correct, and rest assured that I clearly understand that the Bible takes it's name from the Canaan Phoenician city of Byblos.  Anyway, The Bible itself is made of the OLD and NEW testament,  again a division (red & blue).  In fact many bibles will will actually have red and blue page dividers in them!

King David has a son or offspring named King Solomon.  Again the very etymology of the word tells us the true essence of the meaning.  Solomon is made of two root words, the SOL & the Mon, thus Sol-o-mon, the SOL = SUN and MON = MOON, again the very names tells us of the two polarities of nature, the Sun & Moon or Summer & Winter, Day & Night, the RED & BLUE!  This is why King Solomon has a house or Temple that has TWO pillars, that are on either side of the doorway that leads to the House of God, EL.  In case you didn't get the story about division, the story of King Solomon once again reveals the true essence in the story of dividing the baby in two, the story known as "Splitting the baby" or "cutting the baby in half."  The Biblical story is known as the Judgment of Solomon which refers to a story in which King Solomon rules between two women who both claim to be the mother of the child and King Solomon uses his wisdom to trick the two mothers into revealing who is actually the true mother.  So, as you see, the story is centered around a story about division and dividing.

The Biblical story of two (bi, di) is rooted in the very story of creation, where we have Adam and Eve.  Adam is from Hebrew Edom, meaning RED, thus the Red earth that made up humans in the Biblical story, and of course the earth or soil from the Levant is red.  Eve, is the goddess, the female, the aspect of BLUE, like the evening nighttime, when the MOON comes out.  Thus the Sun is linked to Male energy, and the Moon is linked to Female energy.

Take a look at stories in the Bible like Cain & Able, Jacob & Esau, and you will find once again the very same story of struggling twin brothers who fight to see who will rule and take over. Grain sacrifice vs animal sacrifice, again the symbols of the season, the spring lamb of Aries in springtime, and the grain harvest of winter or fall.  In the story of Jacob and Esau, we have the RED EDOMITE ESAU vs his brother JOCOB the BLUE, fighting one anther to see who will rule and wear the crown as King.  I could go on for days in vivid detail explaining this in so many ways it would make your head spin!  I actually made a video series called JACOB THE EVIL BLACK JACK & ESAU, I suggest you watch it to fully gain my thesis and theology on the subject.

More proof of duality and division? I could go on and on about the very meaning of the word Jesus, thus Zeus which are rooted in Dione, Dianna, the two, just like the word Deity!  I could go on and on about the Arc of the Covenant, which means to cut the MEAT IN TWO, which is why there are TWO angles on top, Michael & Gabriel, the Angles of the SUN & MOON!  The Arc was pulled by TWO BULLS or Bi-BULLS!

I will write a full length thesis in my upcoming book.  Thank you!  Christopher Lord

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Truthiracy of Homophones

A Homophone or the Sameophone?
Wordplay? Or A Hidden Play On Words?

by Christopher Lord

A homophone is taught to be a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning.  However, the truth is that homophones have more in common with each other and are most often rooted in relationship with each other than just the phonetic pronunciation.   Homophones are most often rooted in many etymological aspects than most people realize.  Etymology is the study of the true essence of a word, finding the most basic root form and foundation of words, thus the etymology of etymology is the study of true meaning, the "study of the true sense (of a word)."

The etymology of homophone is derived from the Greek homo- (ὁμο-), "same", and phōnḗ (φωνή), "voice, utterance".  In other words, similar words that share the same phonetic sounds but differ in meaning, but etymologically speaking, do they really share no common denominator?

I am going to list some examples and disprove some common so called homophones, and break some common misconceptions that are taught to the public to be homophones, but actually are not in the strictest sense.  These examples I will be listing, are commonly used to define what a homophone is.  I am not going to disprove that every homophone is indeed wrong, I am just trying to show that there is more in common with similar sounding words than most people realize.

Flower / Flour
To the average person, these may appear to be two entirely different words that mean two entirely different things, even though they are indeed phonetically pronounced the same.  The truth is these two words are connected phonetically because they share the same root meaning which is why the both share the same etymology.  I watched a kid video that taught that flower and flour are not related and are examples of homophones.  But do some research, and you'll find that that is not true at all.  Let's read the etymology of these words right from Wikipedia; The English word for "flour" is originally a variant of the word "flower". Both derive from the Old French fleur or flour, which had the literal meaning "blossom."  Flour is made from the flower blossom of grains like wheat.  A flower stipulates a colorful bloom, while flour stipulates the crushed powder of the flowering blossom.

To / Too / Two
Again we have differently spelled words that sound the same, thus another example of a homophones, or are they?  Again these words to give different distinct meanings, but are all rooted etymology speaking to the same root source and foundation.  Two is an obvious numerical word that signifies the numerical value of 2 (two).  Too also shares this same meaning of a numerical value of 2, thus the word "too" means "also, in addition to," which indicates an additional one added to the original one, making a total of 2 (two, too) from Greek & latin "duo" as in a duel (2).  The use of "to" in our English language also has similar root meanings of 2 (two, too, to).

One / Won
One is a numerical word that indicates a numerical value of 1 (one). The etymology is by way of Latin unus meaning "one."  Won is a word that specifies wining a race or game, which comes from the word "win." In order to win (won), a winner must take first place (1st), which again explains why a person who won a race, had to be number one, thus the exact phonetic pronunciation.  So are these words really homophones with no related foundation in meaning? No, the truth is, they are very closely related and rooted in meaning and sound.

Carat / Caret / Carrot

Again these words are used to describe common homophones, or words that sound the same but have different meanings, however, once again this is not the case whatsoever because all three of these words actually have the same etymological root meaning, thus they all sprout from the same root source.  The etymology for all three words are rooted from the word keras- meaning "horn," the Greek kerátion (κεράτιον) meaning carob seed (literally "small horn").  A Carat is a unit of mass, and the etymology of the word indeed comes from "kerns" and "carob," both meaning "horn."  A Caret is a symbol used to indicate where a punctuation mark, word, or phrase should be inserted in a document. Again the idea of inserting, like a carrot inserts into the ground, or like a horn or thorn that sticks into something (pokes). The symbol looks like an inverted V or a chevron, which of course is in the shape of a horn or thorn, which is why the etymology once again the caret is a horn thorn symbol. The etymology is listed from PIE *kas-to-, from root *kes- "to cut" (cf. Latin cassus "empty, void") carere "to lack," related to the word caste, meaning "sort, kind, style."  Now a carrot, as I stated before is also from the same etymological root of keras by way of Greek karoton "carrot," from PIE *kre-, from root *ker- "horn, head."  A carrot of course appears to be inserted into the ground and has an obvious horn like shape, thus a phallic symbol, or a horny symbol that is used in symbolism from the horny rabbit (fertility).  So, again these three words are actually related and are not really homophones when one understands that they all share the same root meaning.  The Christian era brought the concept that Hell has not risen, and that God in the clouds and sky is still the "Most High," so when people greeted each other they eventually shortened the saying by simply saying "hi."  When you first meet a person, it's often a a cliche to talk about the weather, and this is the same form of asking if everything is still good, and things have not gone bad, as in bad weather.  A way of saying that Hell (evilness, darkness etc) has not taken over, there for things like nature, life and God are all still good and high.

Hi / High

As everyone knows, saying "hi" to someone is a way to "greet" another person when first meeting them when your two paths cross.  This greeting is phonetically spoken the very same way we pronounce the word "high," which is a word to describe something in the sky, something that is elevated above, a high point, a peak or a top (lofty, tall, exalted,).  The idea of "high," comes from natural things in our world, like stars, sun, moon, mountains, and even birds for example.  Of course humans see God as the "Most High" God.  EL, the one who is "elevated" above all of the other Elohim (Gods).  Of course the God of the Bible is found on a Mountain Top, the Most High place on earth.  Notice how CAPITAL (EL, אל‎) words are the ""MOST HIGH" like the God EL (אל‎) of the Bible.  EL begins the Alef-beit (alphabet) and is a pictograph of a "Horned Bull," the "Most High" (God).  And again we have the "cap" or the "Tel" of "EL." A Tel is a "truncated pyramid," like the symbol of the Illuminati.  Remember that Hitler's followers would say "Heil Hitler!" (HIGH EL). Notice how Hell has the word for God in it EL (ll).  The Nazi soldiers would place their arms in the air, pointing up "high."  This actually cames from ancient times, even before the Roman Salute.  Notice that even today, service men or soldiers will raise their hands "up high" to the tip top of the apex of the head, over the "eye."  The concept of something being "high" is actually the very meaning and root source of saying "hi" to someone.  I do want to add another meaning in the form of a person who has taken a mind altering substances like drugs to "reach" a "higher" from of "consciousness."  In ancient cultures, the Elders or the Elite were the privileged ones who  could partake in rituals that involved drugs, so their minds could expand and elevate to that of Godliness.  We have all heard the term, "High Priest," the Most "High" Priest, and even today when we are loaded from alcohol or drugs we say we are "high.," "high as a kite."

Rose / Rose (Rise)

Wiki uses the homophone of Rose the flower and rose, the past tense of the word "rise." Wiki obviously fails a basic understanding as to why these words are related and rooted together phonetically.  The rose flower is named after the family of Rosaceae, trees or flower plants that bloom because of the life giving light of the sun.  Rose comes from the color of rose (rosa) or the reddish color.  Notice that the very word "red" has the (RA) red sun of RE in it.  The color of rose or red burgundy (magenta) is the color of the sun, the rising and setting colors of the Sun God Ra/Re, thus the relationship of rose and rise, when Ra Eyes have risen upon the horizon, thus Horus (eye) have risen.  Flowers in general are symbolic of springtime, the rebirth of the sun cycle, which is why Wiki states that the "complementary color of rose is spring green." A rose flower springs to life and rises to meet the sunny day, a fertility reproduction cycle.  In relation, Rosacea is facial erythema marked by redness or rose colored skin.  Also note the rose symbolism of Christianity in relation to the Sun (son) of God, Jesus, and even the virgin Mary, the red bloody Mars in springtime from the warrior God of War (Ra backwards), using soldiers or sol (sun) diers that March on!

more to come...

RA Etymology

by Truthiracy (Christopher Lord)
May 12th, 2013

Response to Danny Wilten, "Wordplay, Homophones, & Anagrams - Trendy Mind Control For The Masses."   

(See Part 2 below for the Etymology of "RA" (schooling Danny Wilten's ignorance)

PART 1 - 

This blog is in response to Danny Wilten's (5T4RSCREAM233) YouTube video called "Wordplay, Homophones, & Anagrams - Trendy Mind Control For The Masses."  I first want to state that it's ironic and hypocritical of Danny to be talking about research credibility and scientific theory, when in fact all of his videos are based upon his outrageous fantasy opinion that fails every logical scientific analysis.  Additionally, Danny tries to say that my very name, Christopher Lord is in fact dangerous, because my name resembles Christ Lord, and goes on to call me a Guru.  His section on homophones is comical at best, which proves his limited grasp of understanding.   I guess Danny fails to realize that most homophones in fact share an etymological root meaning in addition to the phonetic similar sounds.  examples of related rooted words are homophones like too and two, both meaning a numerical value of two (2).  Too means also, in addition to, an additional one to the original one.  This leads right into another common relevant homophonic word of one, and won.  Although spelled differently, these two words actually share a common etymological root foundation.  The number "one" (1) is actually the same as the differently spelled word "won," which indicates winning, in order to win, a person must place in position of one (1) or 1st place, which is one (won)! In addition, it's funny to see Wiki use the homophone of Rose the flower and rose, the past tense of the word "rise." Wiki obviously fails a basic understanding as to why these words are related and rooted together phonetically.  The rose flower is named after the family of Rosaceae, trees or flower plants that bloom because of the life giving light of the sun.  Rose comes from the color of rose (rosa) or the red color.  Notice that the very word "red" has the red sun of RE in it.  The color of rose or red burgundy (magenta) is the color of the sun, the rising and setting colors of the Sun God Ra/Re, thus the relationship of rose and rise, when Ra Eyes have risen upon the horizon, thus Horus (eye) have risen.  Flowers in general are symbolic of springtime, the rebirth of the sun cycle, which is why Wiki states that the "complementary color of rose is spring green." A rose flower springs to life and rises to meet the sunny day, a fertility reproduction cycle.  In relation, Rosacea is facial erythema marked by redness or rose colored skin.  Also note the rose symbolism of Christianity in relation to the Sun (son) of God, Jesus, and even the virgin Mary, the red bloody Mars in springtime from the warrior God of War (Ra backwards), using soldiers or sol (sun) diers that March on!

When one tries to discuss these inconsistencies with Danny, or tries to debate with him on his failed logic, he gets upset and blocks them, which is not part of rational, scientific and moral practices.  I'm sure this is why he must monitor his comments like big brother or Hitler, keeping the truth away from the sheep.  For example his outrageous claims that the Delta Nile was made to resemble the Orion Nebula.  This is of course not some deep understanding of esoteric wisdom, rather a ridiculous novice misunderstanding and false observations that have no logical foundation, and can be easily disproved in so many scientific ways.  He tries to pass off unsubstantiated claims that fractal pixels match, but then contradicts himself by claiming that the pixels actually don't match because of minor morphing that occurs, because that's the way the data is stored, or in his exact words; "we've proved that the Orion Nebula is mimicking recent man made development on the Nile Delta, we have taken the Nile Delta and we sampled various areas all around it and we've shown that the fractals are matching except for minus... or except for minor morphing that occurs because... umm... because that's the way the data stored." Check out one of my videos that youtube did not ban about him that I made called "Danny Wilten the Scam Artist Debunked."  He seems ignorant to scientific facts, like the fact that Nebulas are made of gas and are constantly moving and changing form, exactly like the mouth or the delta of a river, like the Delta Nile which is constantly changing over time, therefore could not be made to "match" anything.

Language Etymology -

In Danny's recent video about me, he tries to use fancy rhetoric, one of the many tools used by a Pied Piper.  Danny might be good at seeing elephants in clouds, but obviously has no foundational understanding the dynamics of the etymological language matrix.  His observations are from common perceptions and assumptions, with no deeper levels of understanding.  My etymology is supported by many independent stands of evidence, or in other words can be proven from all angles.  Let's no forget by the way that Danny Wilten "loved my videos," and only when I called him out for his fraudulent information, did he in fact turn against me (of course). 

Modern day languages stem from the roots of a mother tree of language. Modern day alphabets like English (Anglish) follow a direct trail to the mother tree, or the root source. English consists of various other languages, a melting pot so to speak.  So, English words are comprised and compounded with other words to form new words.  Words are compounds of individual letters, that make sounds which in turn make up complete words.  The point is, that every letter in a word is there for a specific logical historical relevant reason.  People, places and things are named for a relevant reason, based upon the logical understanding of language.  For example, if we see something we have never seen before, we will use words to try and name the subject, and we will ascribe relevant words to describe it.  If we saw a UFO in the air, we would not say it looked like an elephant, we would say it looks like a disc or saucer.  Words are named for a reason and contain relevant historical information that we may or may not be aware of.  Take for example, the word "understand."  it holds the same meaning as the words esoteric and exoteric.  The word "understanding" is a compound word that stems from parent root words of "under" and "stand."  Wisdom was gained from entering "into" the wise dome of the temple (or tree), gaining a new viewpoint or under-standing. 

English comes by way of Anglish, which is constructed from Latin, German, Greek and Hebrew to name a few.  Understanding that these languages have a common denominator in the very foundation of the alphabets they use is a key factor.  Almost all Alphabets stem from the mother tree of the Canaan Phoenician Hebrew Semitic Alef, Bet (A,B).  The Alef-beit means the House of the Creator, House of the Mighty One, or the House of EL (Bull God).  The Beit (B) means house in Hebrew, and the Alef in pale Hebrew means the Mighty Horned Leader God, a pictograph of a Horned Bull.  This is why if you flip the English letter "A" upside-down, you'll clearly see the pictograph image of a horned bull (A, V). 

By the way, you'll notice the theme of the sacred "bull" throughout my research and teachings, not because I am obsessed with bulls, but because this is where the "bullshits" leads to.  All these ancient cultures, from Egypt, Greece and from Canaan Phoenicia, they all had their "bull Gods," like EL, Osiris,  and even Zeus to name a few.  The Hebrew's from Ur also had their Bull (Sun, Moon) Gods.  Sumerian Enlil was a Bull God, as was Nanna (Sin) and countless others.  You will find that the very word symbol, is intact a code for the "same bull" (similar bull).  Ancient symbols like the Ankh and djed, are actually from a bull as is the symbol of authority, the Egyptian "was" or staff.

The Hebrew Alef-beit is comprised of 22 letters that are cut in two, a double system made of two sets of 11 letters.  The first set of 11 begins with A (ALPHA BULL), and the second set, or second pillar begins with the letter L (EL), so the two letters that begins both sets (pillars) is the very name of God, the A & L (אל) which is pronounced as "EL." Notice that 11 is EL-even (eleven), the EL's are even (11). This is relevant in the fact that nature is made of day & night, winter & summer, the two sides or two pillars of the Sun & Moon. This is why nature is divided into two parts or seasons, which is why when they are n "BALance" they are equal (Equ-EL), or parallel (pair of EL's) "ll".  This is why EL, the God of the Bible (Bi = 2 "bulls") is all about the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes of the red & blue, which is the house of divide, the House of david, and the wisdom of the Sun & the Moon, or King Solomon and the house of God.  The L "l" is a phallic pillar, like the number 1, thus represents the phallic pole, the EL (l) represents the Bull God's penis, his fertility (masculinity).  It is a symbol of the Sun God's fertility, thus the symbol of the Sun, the Obelisk (BEL). Bel means white light, which is why we have an Obelisk at the White House known as the Washington Monument, the House of Bel (Baal).  The Bull God Baal was of course the Sun God and Storm God, the son of the Canaanite Bull God EL.  The obelisk is known as a sundial, "Sun-dia-EL."

In order to truly understand language, one must grasp the very essence of the individual letters themselves to fully understand the words that are made from them.  The Semitic Hebrew language or the 22 letters of the Alef-beit, has a dualistic aspect as well, there is a common meaning for the masses, and an inner or esoteric hidden meaning of each letter for the adept.  We find this exoteric and esoteric theology in religions, and even in secret societies like the freemasons.  This holds true for not only letters, but is also found in numerology and symbology.  A letter is actually a symbol, that represents something (object or idea).  Understanding a symbol, is relevant to one's understanding of what the symbol means.  Symbology is known for having an exoteric and esoteric understanding.  For instance, the Egyptian symbol for the Sun God RA (RE) was a "circle (inner) within a circle (outer)."  

Symbols, pictographs and hieroglyphics comprise the foundation of modern day alphabet letters.  Most people have absolutely no idea what letters mean and their historical pictographic root meanings.  When one gains this perspective, a deeper understanding of words arise and the unseen can be seen.  This depth of wisdom gives one the key to open all doors of the matrix, not just some.  When you study language (EL-angu-age), you see that Canaan Phoenician Hebrew is the source, and this is where they worshipped the Bull Gods.  Now you'll understand why we have syllables (bulls), and phonetic (Phoenician) sounds.  You'll also understand why we have "bi-letters" of the old and new letters within one letter, a lower case, and upper case, which are polar opposites. 

PART 2 Etymology of RA No HOMOPHONES allowed!

In Danny's new video about me "Wordplay, Homophones, & Anagrams - Trendy Mind Control For The Masses," he tries to establish the fact that my theologies are not correct because they can not be consistently proved across the spectrum of words that use the same letters, prefixes and suffixes for example.  Danny obviously has not been around when so called scientific scholars and professors tried to prove me wrong about similar prefix/suffix words that contain the "de, di or ble" in them, long story short, I proved they did not possess the deeper level of understanding that I had, and in the end, I was found to be correct 100%!  

So, Danny Wilten in his video uses the example of my use and etymology of RA/RE, he assumes it's wordplay and can not be substantiated unilaterally with other words that begin with "ra." He does admit (from his point of view) that there are many words that do in fact relate to the prefix of "ra." Ra words that he admits are related to the Sun God Ra/Re are obvious words like radius and radiant, but he states that other words like "rake" and "rape" hold no rational relevance, which he is sadly mistaken about.  These words hold no rational relevance to him personally within his scope of 'understanding."

Ra is the Egyptian Sun God, also known as "Re" as in a "ray" of bright light.  I have explained that the very essence of the Sun (God), it's path across the sky to it's decent to the underworld only to rise again from death, gives a philosophical foundational background of our modern day words that begin with the prefix of "ra."  This life, death and rebirth of both the sun and moon are the foundation of which all religions base their theology.  The season or annual (nano + EL) year, is birthed (born) in springtime, lives throughout the months until the end comes and the cycle of the year dies, until it is reborn again in springtime (Passover, Nissan, Aviv).  The life, death & rebirth cycle of the Sun or Ra (Ra), can be seen in words like REborn, REbirth, REdo, REmake, which is a small example of words that REflect the coming and going of the Sun.  Notice how English id a REverse of the Hebrew language, which follows the path of the sun from east (sunrise) to west (sunset).  The story of RA/RE and his sacred circle cycle of life (journey), included the serpent, which the Egyptians related to the sun in various forms from Apep to the Wadjet and Uraeus.  The Sun God RA battled the serpent Apep every night and had to defeat him in order to continue on his journey and be reborn again in the morning of the rising sun (RA EYES). Notice how the very word sun, begins with the serpent letter of "s," thus the sound the serpent snake makes "sssss."  Of course the serpent is found rising up the pole or shaft, a symbol related to Jesus upon the pole, or the serpent fertility upon the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.

Danny obviously does not study prefix meanings like "re" (ra) which is a prefix of Latin meaning "to do again, back, again (recirculation)." This theology and naming of the prefix is based upon this concept of the Sun God Ra/Re who goes through the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  Although some words may be hard for some to associate with the prefix of "ra or re," you'll find that you are just missing the correct knowledge and wisdom to see why the are RElated.  Let's take the word rake for example since Danny used it as an example of a word that he assumes does not apply to my etymological theologies.  The word Rake is a word that stems from Proto-Germanic *rak, meaning to a "toothed-tool" used to "gather, heap up."  A rake is used to gather up fallen or dead material like leaves and dead grass for example. This time of year is known as Fall, when nature goes to the underworld during wintertime, the Autumn season. Autumn is named after Atum-Ra by the way, the Sun God.  The Ram Sun God of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes.  The Sun was worshipped in Egypt because without it, their crops would die and life would be stuck in the underworld.  The sprouting and dying of the season is RElated to the Sun God and his fertility of the land and all life on earth.  When one uses a rake, they are going through the motions of going back & forth (coming & going), sweeping up the old, and preparing for the new.  A rake is used to gather the fruits (life) of the harvest (death), that grew because of the sacred Sun (God).  A rake is just like a broom, which is why you'll hear that witches use brooms to clear and wipe away the sacred area to be used for magical (Magic of EL) workings.  Again you'll also notice the sacred theme of the phallic pole (staff) or Obelisk, the handle (hand EL) of the broom or rake.  This is in fact where we see ancient rituals that involved the sacred pole, like the may pole for example.  Ancient harvest rituals involved the use of the broom or rake handle to be used for fertility harvest rituals.  They would use the broom or rake handles to dance around in circles, like they still do today with the May Pole on May 1st, the very day the Illuminati was said to have formed, the first day of Summer, the time of Taurus the Bull!  So the harvesters would use the rake or broom to dance and jump over, much like the rituals of jumping over the Bull or fire.  The jumping over the handle was believed to make the crops crow taller and more vigorous.   The ritual also included riding the pole, which is why today we have the symbolism of the witch riding a broom stick, and this also relates to ridding the beast as in Europa.  The stick, pole or handle  holds the same phallic symbolism as does the magic wand (magic stick).  We see this symbolism in harvest rituals known as the threshing rods or sticks used at the end of harvest.  In the Bible, which is a story of the harvest season, from sowing to reaping, we find many references like " (spirit) says, 'I will return to the house I left... When it (spirit) arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order.'   The rake is also used to till the ground for sowing in springtime, thus it is a symbol of both sowing and reaping (life & death) of the sun.  Now the rake is  related to the plough, which is related to the bi-bulls or two bulls in the yoke used to till the ground for crops.  Of course rakes are used to gather hay used for bullock or Oxen (Bulls, Cows, Calves).  The Solar deities across the table are all related to the sacred Bull, Cow or Calf as seen in ancient Egypt and throughout Mesopotamia. The Biblical Golden (Sun) Calf worship by the Israelites in the land of Sin, the Sinai of the Moon Bull God.  Ra was the creator of humans in Egyptian mythology, thus humans were created from Ra's tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle of Ra."

The Etymology of rake is from Old English raca, a cognate to Dutch raak, and German rechen,  ultimately from Proto-Germanic *rak- meaning to "gather, & heap up."  A rake is a horticultural tool, which is directly related to the Sun fertility of horticulture (farming).  Rake is etymologically tied to Latin "rogus" which means a "funeral (EL) pile," which is just like a Tell (EL) Mound, also known as an alter (of sacrifice), a burial mound.  So, Danny does not realize the relationship of why a rake is related to the sun, but anyone who has esoteric wisdom, clearly sees why, for the rake itself would not exist without the harvest provided by the cycles of the Sun (God).   The word rake is the letter R attached to the suffix of ake.  Ake is etymologically related to ache, the pain of suffering and moaning.  Ake is related to a "thorny Egyptian tree," related to Greek ake "point, thorn," from PIE root *ak- "sharp." Same etymology of horn, thorn, and antlers.  PIE *akri- "sharp," from root *ak- "be sharp, rise (out) to a point, pierce." Ake is from Middle English aken (v), and ache (noun), from Old English acan (v) (from Proto-Germanic *akaną (“to be bad, be evil”)) and æċe (noun) (from Proto-Germanic *akiz), both from Proto-Indo-European *ag- (“sin, crime”). Cognate with Low German aken, achen, äken (“to hurt, to ache”), North Frisian akelig, æklig (“terrible, miserable, sharp, intense”), West Frisian aaklik (“nasty, horrible, dismal, dreary”), Dutch akelig (“nasty, horrible”).  Again the "ake" is related to the fertility of the staff, the pole or shaft like the world axis of the north and south poles.  The suffix of "ake" (a point) is akin (a kin) to "acme," coming from the Greek word akme- "(highest) point, edge; peak of anything," from PIE root *ak- "sharp." 

Rape Etymology - The Relationship to the Sun God Ra -

The etymology of the Sun God Ra/Re can also be found in the word "rape" which Danny Wilten used as an example of another word that does not relate, however, he is once again mistaken.   The English word rape has it's mythological roots in the worship of the Sun God, and includes of course the sacred bull.  The Sun God Ra was born from a Cow (bull) Goddess named Hathor and or Neith,  "Great Cow who gave birth to Ra".  Horus the Sun God was also born from the Bull God Osiris and the Cow Goddess isis.  In fact Horus was born and created from a "rape," when Isis raped the dead corpse of Osiris.  Again in Sumerian mythology, we find that the Bull God Enlil raped Ninlil, the air goddess, who gave birth to Nanna, the Moon God.  Nanna and Ningal gave birth to Shamash, the Sun God, thus the Moon gave birth to the Sun, and both were created from a "rape."  The definition of the word rape means the act of seizing and carrying off by force, as in an abduction. Etymology is from Middle English rapen, meaning "to rape," from Old French raper, "to abduct," from Latin rapere, "to seize."  rapere: to seize or take by force.  Roman law, rape, or raptus, "to snatch, to grab, to carry off"  "Rapture" is derived from Middle French rapture, via the Medieval Latin raptura ("seizure, rape, kidnapping"), which derives from the Latin raptus ("a carrying off").  The word rape has it's roots in the ancient Phoenician story of the "Rape Of Europa," also known as the Raptus, "The Abduction of Europa" who rides the beast, which of course is the beast of the Bull God Zeus.  Today, Europe is named after this "rape" of Europa, which is why you will see that the whore who rides the beast bull is the symbol of Europe.  Today we find other words that are etymologically connected to the story,  words like "Elope," which means to "to run off (with)." The Sun God Ra/Re travels across the sky or the sky waters on a boat (two actually), thus the idea of being carried away and abducted against ones own free will.  

The etymological relationship of the word rape and the Sun God Ra is explained by Ernest Klein, who suggests a possible Semitic origin (Of Europa) in Akkadian erebu "to go down, set" (in reference to the sun).  A direct link to rape and the sun!  Ra was the Egyptian Sun God, who traveled across the sky and set (died) in the west and went to the underworld (hell).  This rape or abduction story can been seen in other stories like the Greek myth of the Abduction of Persephone who is brought to the underworld, only to return again and be reborn, she reprints the spirit of nature or the two seasons, which is why she spent half the year in the underworld and the other half in the world above among the living.  The same stories can be found in the ancient world like the decent of the Sumerian Goddess to the underworld, which are found in myths of Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte or Asherah, who become the Queen of the Underworld (death).  This is why the goddess is related to the Moon, the female (water) energy, and the sun is related to the male (fire) energy.  The Queen of the Underworld is the one who bears the light in the darkness of night and in winter.  In the Sumerian myth we find that Ishtar asks her father Anu, the Bull God,  for the Bull of Heaven, and Ishtar sends it to attack Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu. Gilgamesh and Enkidu kill the Bull and offer its heart to the Assyro-Babylonian Sun God Shamash.  

Rapture is a cognitive word of rape meaning the "act of carrying off," from Middle French rapture, from Medieval Latin raptura meaning to "seizure, rape, kidnapping," from Latin raptus "a carrying off." Ravish is another cognate to rape, meaning "to seize (someone) by violence, carry (a person, especially a woman) away," from Old French raviss-, present participle stem of ravir "to seize, take away hastily," from Vulgar Latin *rapire, from Latin rapere "to seize, hurry away."  Meaning "to commit rape upon."  

Danny Wilten's new video is a poor attempt to discredit my valuable and enlightening research.  His claims are based upon blind eyes, and he is a novice researcher who is certainly not an etymologist in any sense of the word.  His level of language understanding is limited and shallow at best.  His speech about false teachings and deception was a psychological analysis of pointing the finger that is actually pointing inward at himself, a feeble attempt to clean someone else's doorstep which is actually a hidden message to himself to clean his own doorstep, his irrational rhetoric reflects his egotistical narcissistic self.